How Zara & Burberry are rocking instagram?

For a while now, it’s been clear that Instagram isn’t just a social network for selfies and brunch pics. In fact, Instagram sees a whopping 500 million users — a 25% increase in audience size over less than a year.

Instagram has long been the favorite of retail brands.

It’s the ideal shopping platform.And recently, the visual social network has been making steps forward to make Instagram more valuable to brands — albeit in the form of paid advertising. In March, it introduced carousel ads, which feature a series of images and links to a landing page, and in June, Instagram debuted a Shop Now button for ad units to help brands tie engagement to commerce.

Burberry on Instagram

Burberry has a really strong social strategy and is one of the most digitally innovative brands of its kind. They have built a uniform theme for all of their platforms. Although the content is similar across the different sites, they are fairly clued up about what content works best where and really use this to their advantage – For Example, Burberry is using Facebook for live streaming, posting sophisticated visuals on Instagram and encouraging the most user engagement and interaction on Twitter.

I am a big fan of Burberry on Instagram, as they post some really creative content on there, at the same time as preserving their air of sophistication and maintaining ongoing themes for the brand on social. The new matte of Burberry (bold new lip color with a whipped texture in a matte, pigment-rich palette) recently published post got 74965 views in it with 65 engagement.

I think they were a really nice touch to Burberry’s promotion strategy and clearly their followers thought so too, as the cinemagraph posted received 74K views on Instagram with 65 comments asking for the product which is considered as a good number of engagements on post. Burberry is the platform which is using a very good platform of social media recently we have seen the statistics which shows that this brand is really using its Instagram platform very well by posting sophisticated visuals on social media whereas on the other side we have another brand by the name of ZARA their recently published post on Instagram consisting of their new arrival of collection, though Zara’s Instagram account isn’t flashy, the brand has garnered a massive social media following by providing true value—in this case, insight into upcoming fashion trends and a look at Zara’s newest merchandise—to its 15 million Instagram followers.

Zara on Instagram

In the recent published post on Instagram with Giphy  mentioning different newest visuals it has achieved lot of traffic of followers. Instagram users looking to Zara for tips regarding upcoming fashion trends and styles, this product-focused content reinforces Zara as a leader in the industry and gives audiences a valuable look at Zara’s latest offerings.  Zara seems to have mastered Instagram marketing as well, leading many brands to inquire about—and try to replicate—the fashion retailers social media success.

As with Zara, the best brands on Instagram put their audiences first. By providing valuable content, companies can become industry leaders, attract millions of attentive followers, and drive sales through this simple yet effective Instagram marketing strategy.





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